Creating daily rituals:

A chat with Kate Bouchard, founder of Loba

In today’s episode I am chatting with Kate Bouchard, founder of Loba. Loba is an incredible pill and supplement organizer that not only organizes your pills in a beautiful container, but also turns what can feel like clutter and an obligation into a special ritual as part of your self-care practice.

Kate shares the story of how her own journey through hormonal health challenges led to the development and creation of the Loba. We talk about Kate’s entrepreneur journey and her passion for helping busy women simplify their routines. It’s all about making habits simple, easy to remember, and more of a ritual that you look forward to than a hassle that you’re likely to put off or skip all together.

Side note: Since the recording of this episode I now have a Loba, and it is amazing. It really has transformed this habit for me, and between my phone reminders and my kids saying “Mom, your box is glowing, time to take your pills!”, it is definitely keeps me on track!

Kate’s bio:

Jamie Watkins is a mental-wellness advocate, keynote speaker, coach, author and host. Jamie is known for her infectious smile, positive energy, down-to-earth approach and keen ability to connect with a powerful message rooted in self-love, mental wellness and lifestyle success.

Often called the “Happiness Coach,” Jamie is the founder of My Peace of Happy, LLC, a coaching, consulting and community brand dedicated to empowering women. Taking a proactive approach to the mental health crisis, Jamie empowers and equips women it’s the tools to improve their overall well-being, prioritize their purpose and create lifestyle success.

Jamie personally struggled with feeling lost and unworthy for years inside of a toxic marriage, until finally deciding to do something about it. Jamie shares her story so others know they are not alone in their struggles. She knows what it takes to prioritize mental wellness and create happiness from the inside out. She also understands the journey to rediscovering self, happiness and fulfillment. Her mission is to help women feel seen and know they are enough, equipped and empowered with purpose!


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Creating daily rituals: A chat with Kate Bouchard, founder of Loba

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