Hi, I’m Gillian. Nice to meet you!

I’m a working mama with two kids and an awesome husband, living a usually chaotic but (almost always) fun life. We live on the West Coast of Canada near Vancouver, British Columbia with our two crazy black cats Martha and Stewart (yes, seriously). I work full time in community relations and event management and I am passionate about health and fitness.

At a particularly stressful time at work and home, I hit a wall. I found myself desperate to get away, on the verge of burnout. A weekend away, away from the stress, away from the chaos. I wanted to go into the woods, to stay in a cozy cabin, have campfires, to relax, learn and grow, to reconnect with me. I actually said out loud “I want to go to camp,” and then a second later I blurted out “MOM Camp!”

While the actual Mom Camp: The Camp is AWESOME (yes, it’s a real thing), what we really need is to create a life we don’t need a break from. A life with health, energy, time, and happiness. A life where we have the tools to live as our best selves, in body, mind and home. The traditional summer camp was a place for new experiences, learning, connection and transformation. That’s where Mom Camp was born. Mom Camp Life, beyond the camp.

I’m often asked by other moms how I manage it all – work, family, building a business and staying healthy. There is no magic answer, it’s different for everyone, but it IS possible. I created this site for moms. Like the actual camp, this site offers tools, resources and information to help you make your life a bit more manageable. To help you organize things and create systems so that making your health a priority doesn’t feel so overwhelming. Through my online platforms and coaching, I share the tips, systems and tools that have worked for me, to help me create health, energy and happiness as we navigate the chaos. I hope these tools help you to live what we call the “Mom Camp Life.”

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