Recovery from productivity and perfectionism:

A chat with Tasha Skillin​

In this week’s episode I am chatting with Tasha Skillin. Tasha shares her journey of her life as a perfectionist, people pleaser, and productivity junkie. We talk about the trap of “busy” becoming a measure of our self-worth. She shares how she pushed herself to the point of total burnout and chronic illness, leaving her bed-bound for two years. She went from being a six-figure earner in a direct sales business to zero income, and had to figure out how build her life back. She was told she wouldn’t get better but refused to accept her prognosis, and dove into personal development and exploring all the possible ways she could pursue and achieve recovery. Meditation, self-care, reflection, and eventually writing a book on gratitude led her to her new path. Tasha now coaches women to help them realize meaningful impact, without the burnout and negative impacts to family and relationships.

Tasha shares awesome tips on how to start changing our habits, and that story we tell ourselves of why we need to be doing “all of the things all of the time.” This is an important conversation for any mom who edges towards perfectionism, people pleasing, and addiction to the “busy.”

Tasha’s bio: 

Tasha is a life coach and podcast host for recovering perfectionists, people pleasers and productivity junkies. After being bed-bound and diagnosed with a chronic illness, she refused to accept her prognosis and patched together experts to make a comeback. During this health crisis, she examined her roles as a mama, a partner, a friend and coach to discover she had been following rules she didn’t even know she had adopted. She refused to chase those external success factors any longer, opted in for alignment and now guides her clients and audience through these same practices to full their purpose and have the meaningful impact they crave.

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Recovery from productivity and perfectionism: A chat with Tasha Skillin

by Mom Camp: Around the Campfire

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