Writing a family business plan:

A chat with parenting coach Danielle Bettmann

In this week’s episode I am chatting with parenting coach Danielle Bettmann. I LOVED this conversation. Danielle has developed the idea of a Family Business Plan, helping families establish goals for how they want to live their lives. How they want to communicate, how they want to problem-solve, what their core values are, etc. It’s just like a business plan, right down to writing a family mission statement. She gets her clients to ask “How do we want to feel in our home?” It helps to align parents and kids, get the kids on board with why and how decisions are made, and it gives the whole family clarity on what matters most. 

One of the ways Danielle helps families to with the “good cop/bad cop” balance between parents, especially when parents come at situations with significantly different styles. She helps families to identify those challenges and the feelings that come along with them, and then to develop a plan to work through them. 

It was such a great conversation, and Danielle really has such a great way of bringing perspective to the hard stuff that comes with parenting. 

Danielle’s bio: 

Danielle Bettmann is the owner & parenting coach of Wholeheartedly. She helps families with a strong-willed toddler and a “good cop/bad cop” dynamic find sanity & solutions! Through 1:1 coaching, she helps extend your patience, rewire your parenting mindset and write your Family Business Plan. She’s also the host of the Failing Motherhood podcast, working to normalize the struggle and share vulnerable stories of feeling like a “failure”, reminding you that YOU are the mom your kids need.


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Writing a family business plan: A chat with parenting coach Danielle Bettmann

by Mom Camp: Around the Campfire

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