Walking your kids through hard seasons:

A chat with Sara Olsher

In this week’s episode I am chatting with Sara Olsher of Mighty and Bright. Sara has made it her mission to help families, and specifically children, work through hard seasons. First through her divorce and then through a cancer diagnosis, Sara developed the tools to help her daughter navigate the uncertainty, anxiety, and fear that come with those stressful times. This led to the creation of Mighty and Bright, where families can access books, tools and resources to help other families.

Sara’s drive to make things easier for families is incredible, and I loved her perspective on how best we can support our kids during hard seasons.
Sara’s bio: 

As a writer, illustrator, and speaker, Sara spends her life creating products to help kids through really hard things at Mighty + Bright, and talking about stuff that makes many people want to crawl into a deep, dark hole. Whether it is divorce, cancer, death, or uncertainty, she has worked hard to be comfortable with the profoundly uncomfortable. Her work has been featured in POPSUGAR, Reader’s Digest, the Mighty, and Good Housekeeping, to name a few, and she has spoken in front of audiences large and small about her experience making major life changes after divorce and cancer. She truly believes that everyone has the strength and resilience to overcome unimaginable hardship and use those lessons to make this world a much better place.


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Walking your kids through hard seasons: A chat with Sara Olsher

by Mom Camp: Around the Campfire

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