Reframing toxic motherhood messaging:

A chat with Lori Beth Auldridge

In this week’s episode, I am chatting with Lori Beth Auldridge, a work-at-home mama of 3, wife, homeschooler, business owner, and the host of Elevating Motherhood podcast. Lori Beth lives a life of design on the island of Maui with her husband and three soon-to-be-four children. She shares in detail the five red flags that define toxic motherhood messaging, and how we can tweak our mindsets to improve our lives.

Lori Beth believes that motherhood is about making the best decision about what works for you and your family in each season, without following the ‘shoulds’. If you want to reframe how you think about motherhood and eliminate negative labels, and release the expectations, this is an episode you don’t want to miss!

What You Will Learn:

  • [1:40] Get to know Lori Beth and how she and her family live a life of design.
  • [5:39] Why the ‘versus’ culture is a toxic motherhood messaging that only creates judgment.
  • [10:38] The disempowering and toxic culture of the mainstream mommy wine culture.
  • [15:40] How to be self-aware of the sneaky ad campaigns targeting moms.
  • [20:18] The toxic mindset messaging and how it can negatively affect your days as a mom.
  • [24:17] How to positively shift your mindset and balance your life by changing your habits.
  • [33:53] Stop disempowering you and your family by living underneath some unspoken expectations.
  • [48:08] Finding resources as moms plus the importance of having mercy for moms before us.
  • [51:37] Learning to understand children’s developmental changes and challenges.
  • [1:00:36] Lori Beth on the different things she does to align and balance her life priorities.
  • [1:04:18] How she prioritizes self-care plus the lesson of humility that motherhood has taught her.

Lori’s Links:

Lori Beth’s bio:

Lori Beth Auldridge, M.A., M.F.A, is the creator and host of the Elevating Motherhood podcast. She’s also an author, speaker, blogger, farmer, and homeschooling mom of three who manages multiple businesses (including a renovation business with her husband Chris, an online boutique, and online course all on their small farm on the island of Maui. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication for the Child and Masters degrees in both Children’s Literature and Creative Writing for Children. She is a regular contributor for the international homeschool community Wild + Free. Lori Beth is passionate about helping moms find their confidence by encouraging life-long learning, self-awareness, and connection while supporting them with resources and soft perspective.

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Reframing toxic motherhood messaging: A chat with Lori Beth Auldridge

by Mom Camp: Around the Campfire

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