How to work as a virtual assistant:

A chat with Nicole Greenplate

Today I chat with Nicole Greenplate, and this episode is like a two-for-one! First we talk about her work as a virtual assistant – what the work entails, what services she offers and how she got started. She shares why she made the decision to leave a secure teaching job to pursue this line of work as her kids are entering middle and high school. With the current economic landscape, layoffs, and work from home situations, I see a lot of moms reconsidering what they want their days to look like. Whether you are considering a shift to building your own business and might need a virtual assistant, or you might consider this type of work for yourself to give you more flexibility and time at home, Nicole’s provides some great info and insight.

Then we pivot over to a topic that is near and dear to my heart right now and key to Nicole’s career decisions, the transition to the high school experience. There is a lot of attention put on entering kindergarten and graduation from high school, but we rarely hear about the challenges that might come from moving up to high school. Kids are in a different development phase with different ways of communicating, and it’s important to be ready for the hormone-fuelled realities that might come along!
Nicole’s bio:

Nicole Greenplate is a mom of three kids, 15-year-old David, 13-year-old Chris, and 11-year-old Natalie. She has been married to her college sweetie for 16 years. Nicole is a teacher pivoting away from the classroom and building her VA business from the ground up. She got hooked on the world of online work after doing some instructional design work for former colleague and fellow Boss Mom, Sam Groff. In her spare time, Nicole enjoys coaching her kids in cross country, basketball, and track; reading; gardening; camping; kayaking; and taking hikes with her lazy beagle, Lemon.


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How to work as a virtual assistant: A chat with Nicole Greenplate

by Mom Camp: Around the Campfire

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