Healthy eating for families:

A chat with Dr. Orlena

In this episode of Mom Camp: Around the Campfire, I chat with Dr. Orlena, a former paediatrician and mom-of-four. Orlena now runs a coaching program for moms, teaching them how to build up habits of healthy eating and healthy living for their families.

Orlena is passionate about helping families to live healthy lives. She has a holistic philosophy encompassing healthy eating, exercise, sleep and emotions. Orlena provides a tailored approach to each of her clients to find solutions that work for their family and their lifestyle.

In our wide-ranging chat, we cover picky eating, self-care, building habits and more. This conversation was full of awesome ideas and practical advice for you and your family. Enjoy!

Orlena’s bio:

Dr Orlena trained as a pediatric doctor in the UK. She now lives in Spain with her 4 children. She teaches families to enjoy healthy eating and living without having to think about it.

Connect with Dr. Orlena:

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Healthy eating for families: A chat with Dr. Orlena

by Mom Camp: Around the Campfire

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