Habit hacking for your life:

A chat with Emily Nichols

In this episode I am chatting with Emily Nichols, host of the Self Transformed podcast. Emily works with moms to help them improve their lives through healthy strategies, basing her work on the science of habits. She calls her process “habit hacking,” helping people introduce habits into their lives in a lasting and meaningful way. We talk a lot about habit stacking, a practice where you connect a new habit to an existing habit that you barely think about it. For example introducing a gratitude practice while brushing your teeth, or doing 10 squats while your coffee is percolating. 
Introducing new habits that will improve your life does not need to be overwhelming. Emily shares some simple strategies you can use to make it completely doable. 
Emily’s bio:

Emily Nichols is the host of Self Transformed—a podcast redefining self care through simple fitness, nutrition & mindset habits for busy working moms.  From her own struggles, Emily finally found the solutions to feeling empowered, confident, & how to live a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t feel hard or like another thing on your to do list thru the power of HABITS!

Emily is now on a mission to redefine self care and equip other women with these sustainable tools to help transform your life from the inside out and start putting yourself first without the guilt.   

Emily is also a wife, #boymom, Certified Personal Trainer, Orangetheory Coach, Behavior Change Specialist, Whole30 Coach, & Taco Tuesday Enthusiast.


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Habit hacking for your life: A chat with Emily Nichols

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