Life changes to rediscover YOU:

A chat with Christelle Pillot

In today’s episode I am chatting with coach Christelle Pillot, founder of the Freedom Catcher Academy. Christelle’s specialty is working with moms to recapture their freedom and remember who they are, alongside being a mother. She helps women navigate career changes, life changes, and find ways to reconnect to what brings them joy and ignites their passion. I love the work she is doing, and she really inspires brave conversations. This is a great chat and Christelle will definitely give you a lot to think about. 

Christelle Pillot is a founder of the Freedom Catcher Academy TM, her speciality is potential analysis, career optimization and team building at home. 
Since 2015 Christelle has been teaching dozens of women, companies, schools, and executives. Christelle owns a chemical engineering master’s degree and is certified as a coach and trainer with a speciality in Emotional Intelligence. Christelle speaks French, English and German.
Christelle is driven, results-oriented and has a dynamic business mind helping her clients to create a balanced and effective life rhythm, to clarify their life purpose and to make massive actions to build a meaningful and profitable career. She quickly assesses professional and personal situations and always finds creative win-win solutions. Working with her is a treat because she makes sure her clients get the results they are after.
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Life changes to rediscover YOU: A chat with Christelle Pillot

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