Reframing rage as a call to adventure:

A chat with Ashley Kim

In this episode I am chatting with Certified Professional Coach Ashley Kim about the subject of rage. Ashley works primarily with moms, helping them to address rage and reframing the emotion and associated guilt into something more aspirational – a call to adventure. Ashley explains what she means by that phrase, and how you can use those moments of rage as signals to teach you about your innermost thoughts. It’s a great chat and definitely offers a lot to think about!

Ashley Kim is a Certified Professional Coach who believes rage is a mom’s call to adventure. Motherhood as we know it is hard, and it doesn’t feel like there’s room for moms to be our full selves. Rage results from this stifled spirit—from the unmet need to contribute, create, or experience—and is a call to the adventure of becoming who we might have been: confident, tough, fearless(ish) badasses. Ashley guides moms on this adventure, offering a safe space to be vulnerable and a supportive place from which to make change. Learn more about her services or set up a complimentary session at

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Reframing rage as a call to adventure: A chat with Ashley Kim

by Mom Camp: Around the Campfire

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