How to make new friends as an adult:

A chat with Sam Darling

In this week’s episode I am chatting with Sam Darling, all about making new friends as an adult. Making friends seemed so simple as children, but as we get older and our circles shift and change, it can be hard to make new real friendships. 

Sam has moved dozens of times in her life and has become an expert at making friends and connecting with people. She shares some great tips for how to meet new people, finding your “entry point” in a group setting, and remembering names and facts about your new connections, 

As life gets busy and our village gets smaller, making and keeping those close friendships can become more of a challenge. This is an awesome episode to help break through the potential nerves and awkwardness of meeting new people, and find those magical people we can call our friends.  


Sam’s bio:

Sam has a varied background in science, academia, technical writing, live theatre, and the entertainment industry. Her writing and performance career took her to major cities in six countries and five US states. In fact, she’s probably moved more times than anyone you’ve ever met! French by birth and raised by New York City, she’s a citizen of the world and understands people. Whether working as the science communicator for a major university or running workshops to enhance corporate culture, Sam ushers in positive transformative change to every association and individual that works with her.

Connect with Sam:

Sam’s book: How To Make Friends (Even Though People Are Awful and You Hate Them)






How to make new friends as an adult: A chat with Sam Darling

by Mom Camp: Around the Campfire

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