Realizing that you are worthy:

A chat with photographer Michele Mateus

In this week’s episode I am chatting with photographer Michele Mateus. Michele’s passion is empowering women, which she does through her photography sessions in both brand photography and intimate portraiture. She shares how her sessions are so much more than just a standard photo shoot. It’s often the first time in a long time that a woman has done something that’s just for herself. We talk about why it can be so hard for women, and especially moms, to take that time, and to invest in themselves.

Michele is also the official photographer for our upcoming Mom Camp weekend! She talks about the portrait shoots she will be doing at Camp, as a special take-home memory for each camper.

This is an awesome conversation and you will just love Michele! She is such a bright spirit and has an infectious energy. Enjoy!


Michele’s bio:

Michele is a Bright Lipstick wearing, popcorn loving chronic optimist who is often told she has contagious energy. Michele is also a published and international award winning Portrait Photographer who uses her camera as a tool to support women to feel alive and energized through empowering photo experiences.
Women hire her to awaken that inner badass goddess that’s inside of them, and remind them that they are a big f’ing deal! She also loves F words, like: feminist, fabulous, flow, fun, free spirited, forgiveness, flawless (cause you are!) and well …. F*ck!
“There is a power in the room during my photo experiences that have everything to do with my clients embracing who they are, fully and completely. It’s beautiful when a women accepts themselves without comparison or shame, and flaunts what they’ve got for themselves and no one else. When they own every part of their story, make peace with themselves, and stop apologizing for what they know to be true. I’ve seen it happen, I’ve experienced it myself, and it’s my mission to pass it on. Because friend, you deserve to feel this good.”
When you’re ready to hit “pause” on the negative self-talk, go see Michele! Put on something that makes you feel like Beyoncé, get pampered, and just take yourself in for a second. You’ll be blown away by what you see and more importantly what you feel!

Connect with Michele:

Instagram – @mateusstudios and @michelemphotog

Intimate portraiture – 

Brand photography –

Realizing that you are worthy: A chat with photographer Michele Mateus

by Mom Camp: Around the Campfire

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