Know better, do better:

A chat about anti-racism with coach Alyssa Hall

Today I am chatting with Alyssa Hall, an anti-racism coach. This is such an important conversation. It’s a huge conversation. We talk about the difference between non-racism and anti-racism, and how you can practice anti-racism in your own life. We talk about Black Lives Matter and a lot of different things affecting BIPOC, but the main point of our chat was to understand how an average person can implement change. How we can talk to our kids, how we can acknowledge our feelings in this situation, how we can explore and address our own underlying biases. How we can have the tough conversations in a positive way. How to create a safe space for BIPOC.

The theme it comes down to is the Maya Angelou quote – know better, do better. I am not perfect at this, I am 100% still learning. We are all still learning. And that’s the point. Knowing better, then doing better.

Alyssa’s bio:

Alyssa Hall is an African-American/Cuban woman and a life coach. Upon completing her training at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) she began her business coaching corporate leaders and business owners on mindset and leadership. She now uses those same skills to coach on anti-racism. Her main area of focus is strengthening the leaderships skills needed to have an anti-racist environment. As well as focusing on the personal growth each individual needs to go through to become anti-racist themselves. She also uses her experiences as a Black woman to call attention to certain issues that may not be highlighted in the broader community.

Know better, do better: A chat about anti-racism with coach Alyssa Hall

by Mom Camp: Around the Campfire

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