The lessons we learn from children’s stories:

A chat with author Jenn Wint

In this week’s episode I am chatting with author Jenn Wint. This was such a fun conversation. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Jenn over the past year and I am honoured to be the first podcast to host this awesome mama!
Jenn recently published her first book, Josie’s Busy Calendar. While it may at first seem to be a kids’ book, it has a message that everyone needs to read. Josie is a little girl who loves spending time with friends and having a busy life, but starts to feel the “tummy knots” of overwhelm and anxiety. She learns the importance of taking some extra time for herself amongst all her activities. 
Jenn and I talk about the realities of postpartum anxiety and Jenn shares how her own experience became the inspiration for her book. We talk about how self-care, setting boundaries, and finding ways to take time for yourself can be truly game-changing.
Sometimes the simplest stories can bring the most powerful lessons. We could all learn something from Josie!
Jenn’s bio:
Jenn Wint is a writer, public relations specialist and founder of WINT Communications. She is passionate about sharing exceptional stories connecting people, communities and businesses. Jenn suffered postpartum anxiety after the birth of her daughter and, in an attempt to explain her “tummy knots” to her young son, wrote and then published her first children’s book in October 2021. She lives in East Vancouver, Canada with her husband, son and daughter where she is on a quest to find the city’s best chocolate chip cookie.
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The lessons we learn from children’s stories: A chat with author Jenn Wint

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