Healing your nervous system:

A chat with Katie Connolly

In this week’s episode I am chatting with Katie Connolly, owner of Glowithin. Katie shares all about her work in craniosacral + somatoemotional release healing, explaining what it is, how it can benefit moms, how she works with her clients. She works with parents educators, and kids, helping them to balance their nervous systems. We talk about how to notice within yourself when your nervous system is out of balance, and how to recognize your own patterns. 
This is a fascinating chat. Katie has a gift for explaining the connections between emotions and our physical bodies, and offers different ways we can release the tensions we might be feeling. These tools are invaluable as a busy mom facing all the challenges that come with #momlife. 
Katie’s bio:

Katie is passionate about supporting parents, educators + children with simple tools to help them create greater peace, love + joy in their lives – to gloWithin! She draws upon over 20 years of coaching + healing work, a nearly life-long practice of yoga + somatoemotional (body-emotion) release, knowledge as an Expert Registered Yoga + Children’s Yoga Teacher, and Craniosacral + Somatoemotional Release Therapist. Katie to sees her role as a guide – empowering you to go within on your journey and access your innate wisdom and healing power. She appreciates that we are each unique and come from unique experiences, and so her offerings are based around your needs and are trauma-sensitive. Katie offers Yoga Teacher Trainings, Coaching for Moms, Craniosacral + Somatoemotional Release Healing for all ages, and a free app with tools you can share with little ones!

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Healing your nervous system: A chat with Katie Connolly

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