​Getting outside with your kids:

A chat with Jennifer Kolbuc and Kate Le Souef

In this episode I am chatting with Jennifer Kolbuc and Kate Le Souef, co-hosts of the podcast Get Outside with Kids. As their show name implies, they are very passionate about sharing tips and tricks on how to get outside with your kids – in any mood, in any weather, whenever you can. They chat about the science behind outside time, the benefits of making it a priority, and how it has impacted their own lives. My favourite part is that they also share the funny fails they’ve experienced while trying to spend time with their kids outside. It’s all about real life and how you can make it part of your routine, even on those days where it feels impossible. (Spoiler alert: sometimes those are they days where outside time can make the biggest difference.)

Jen & Kate’s bio:

Jen and Kate are moms in the Vancouver area who love spending time outside with their kids. Their weekly inspires parents and caregivers to create more awesome memories outside by starting small, getting the right gear, and sharing lots of messy muddy mistakes.

Getting outside to go hiking, camping, or even just walking with kids can be intimidating. There is so much gear, tons of things that can go wrong and everyone else seems to know what they’re doing. But we have found that parenting is so much easier when we have more fresh air, more activity and more adventure.

We are definitely not experts, but we’ve learned a thing or two over the years. Maybe you can learn from our messy, muddy mistakes!


Getting outside with your kids: A chat with Jennifer Kolbuc and Kate Le Souef

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