Finding your flow between wellness, work, and motherhood:

A chat with Mia Moran

In this week’s episode I am chatting with Mia Moran, coach and creator of The FLOW Planner. She shares about the turning point she experienced, looking at seven coffee cups from one morning and still feeling exhausted. She embarked on a process of making huge changes in her life, and within one week felt like she’d had 10 years of therapy – don’t worry, we talk about what she did in that week! It led her to write an awesome book about how to feed your family in a healthy way, but eventually she realized that there was a much bigger picture to the changes she made. She then became obsessed with the idea of time and balancing the areas of food, lifestyle, spirituality, and work to help women reduce overwhelm and increase wellness. She created the 90-day FLOW (food, lifestyle, “om,” and work) Planner as a resource to guide people through the process. We totally geek out on planner talk for a minute, because she is speaking my love language.

This episode is so packed with goodness, I just loved our chat. Enjoy!

Mia’s bio: 

Mia Moran envisions a world where women don’t have to choose between meaningful work, family, and their health — because she knows that finding flow while wearing LOTS of hats is possible. Mia is a creator, coach, and mom of three who went from exhausted and overwhelmed to happy and energetic (most days). Now she finds great joy helping other busy women use planning to move out of overwhelm and into wellness. The FLOW Planner and FLOW365 program are all about achieving a life of big dreams and balance.


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Finding your flow between wellness, work, and motherhood: A chat with Mia Moran

by Mom Camp: Around the Campfire

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