Eliminating the bedtime worry brain:

A chat with Onnie Michalsky

In this week’s episode I am chatting with licensed therapist and coach Onnie Michalsky, from Moms Without Capes. One of Onnie’s huge passion is helping moms improve their sleep. We talk about the thoughts and worries that can start cycling through our minds the minute our heads hit the pillow at night, affecting our sleep health. Onnie shares her steps to calming those worries, explaining how we can make small changes to our days to have huge impacts to our nights, and to our overall wellness.

Getting a good night’s sleep is foundational. It increases energy, helps brain function, improves resilience, increases patience…all things we need as moms! This is an awesome chat, and an important one if you struggle with those nighttime spinning thoughts. 

Onnie’s bio:

Onnie Michalsky, MA is a licensed therapist and wellness coach for busy moms who desperately need a break but refuse to take one. She’s also a mom of 6 who helps fellow moms hang up their Superwoman capes and break through the limiting beliefs that are keeping them from becoming their best self. Her mission is to help women discover and fall in love with who they are under their mom hat so that they can design the life they want to be living!

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Eliminating the bedtime worry brain: A chat with Onnie Michalsky

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