Anger versus discipline, and parenting with love and logic:

A chat with coach Ann Kaplan

Ann is a parenting coach with four kids aged 5-15 herself, so she’s in the thick of every stage of parenting. Ann coaches women through various stages of motherhood—from conception to the transition into their new motherhood role, to behavioural challenges, to starting a business with kids in tow. She’s a no-nonsense, straight-shooting, coach. We talk a lot about why parents can lose their temper with their kids, and how to stop. I won’t lie – I felt pretty vulnerable about sharing examples from my own life about challenges we have at home, and she gently called me out on some stuff.

We talk about the difference between anger and discipline. We talk about allowing our kids to make choices and handle the consequences. We talk about how to handle situations where your co-parent doesn’t always parent or communicate the way you do. We talk about a LOT.

Ann has some incredible advice for parents of all stages and can put almost any situation into perspective, with great examples of how to communicate in a loving and logical way with kids at all stages.

Ann’s bio:

I started my doula birthing services after my journey to find peace with giving birth. It was rewarding giving women support during such an emotional and often confusing time in their lives. But I realized quickly, that these women needed much more support AFTER they gave birth, just as I did. I’m able to help women transform their lives because I’ve been in their shoes. During my rocky start as a parent, I realized I didn’t want to continue on my path of out of control kids, no sense of my own identity, and a house run in chaos. I dug myself out of the darkness, and I knew I had to share what I learned with other mothers.

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Anger versus discipline, and parenting with love and logic: A chat with coach Ann Kaplan

by Mom Camp: Around the Campfire

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