It doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Simple tweaks. Small adjustments to routine or behaviour, introduced slowly over time. An extra glass of water here, a few extra steps there. More veggies than carbs at dinner. A slightly different bedtime routine. One intentional thought a day to practice gratitude.

Already sounding like a lot to think about? Then let’s break it down. For four weeks, we will work together to introduce small changes to your routine. Not all at once, just one (maybe two max) at a time to ease into it. You’ll get a daily email in the morning to check in and see how you’re doing, and we’ll introduce a new tweak or idea every couple of days. We’ll have a private community on Facebook to help guide and support you through the challenge.

Are you interested in being one of our very first challengers? The challenge is still being built, but if you are keen to take part in our beta  challenge you will get access for free! Fill out the form below and you’ll get an email when we are ready to launch the course!

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