Where motherhood and career strategy merge:

A chat with Erin Kraebber

Erin Kraebber is convinced balance does not exist – perfect balance, that is. She  works full-time in college athletics, with long days and nights and a hectic schedule. A mom of two, Erin has found the balance that works for her family and she is passionate about helping other moms get clarity on their own personal and career goals. It is possible to succeed as a mom AND on the corporate ladder, and we have a great conversation about all the things working moms have to process and manage when it comes to working and raising a family.

Erin’s bio:

Parenting is hard. So is rising to the top of the career ladder. Yet, there are many women like Erin Kraebber who have big goals to do both well. Erin is a career coach who specializes in helping professional women define both their current situation and where they want to be. Through coaching and online education, she works with working mothers to build action plans to help women thrive in that sweet spot where the role of mother merges with desired career goals in total satisfaction. Erin has been navigating the corporate jungle gym for 15 years as a marketing professional. She is a full-time mom to two girls who fill her with equal measures of love and anxiety. Join her in the search for satisfaction as a working mother in a modern world at ErinKraebber.com.

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Where motherhood and career strategy merge: A chat with Erin Kraebber

by Mom Camp: Around the Campfire

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