Time management for moms, from SAHM to CEO:

A chat with Leona Carter

In this week’s episode, I am chatting with Leona Carter, intimacy and relationship coach. She is mother of six, grandmother of one, and the author of nine books, including Maximize T.I.M.E: 44 Strategies to Effectively Manage Your Time from Motherhood to CEO. With six kids Leona had to become a good time manager from day one, not to mention how she became a successful coach and author. She shares some of her best scheduling strategies for how to manage a family, a business, or both. From establishing routines and using visual schedules, to taking the time to teach your kids in order to save yourself time in the long run, Leona is passionate (some might say fierce!) about time management.

She has a contagious energy and this conversation was full of passion and fun. Enjoy!

What You Will Learn:

  • [1:47] Get to know Leona – who she is and what she does.
  • [5:08] How maximizing your time can allow you to do anything you want.
  • [7:13] How to save your time as a mom by training your kids.
  • [11:48] The importance of building routines around your schedules to make things easier.
  • [15:05] Put more effort when your kids are younger to have them understand the flow as they get older.
  • [18:44] How to have a starting over talk with your kids to build a less chaotic consistency.
  • [22:44] The value of having a visual schedule to hold everyone accountable.
  • [24:34] The strategy of getting kids out of the park willingly.
  • [26:10] Leona on her book Maximize Time – helping moms be better stewards of their time.
  • [28:55] Learning to be intentional with your time by being productive, not just busy.
  • [33:23] How Leona chooses harmony over balance in her work and life.
  • [34:23] How she has learned to fill her cup as a form of self-care and only giving others her overflow.
  • [36:13] Leona on how she taught her teenage son the value of keeping his word.


Leona’s bio

Leona Carter empowers women to build intimacy with their husbands through the power of dating again to enhance communication, from the kitchen to the bedroom. Leona is an International Empowerment Speaker, Multi-best-selling Author, and Intimacy Coach. As the President and CEO of Carter Strategies, Leona hosts, Hey Coach Carter TV. Married since 1995, Leona, and her high school sweetheart, Omarr, have six children and one grandson. Leona and her family relocated from Seattle Washington to Kalamazoo Michigan. The one word that many people use to describe Leona is “Energetic!”

Connect with Leona:

Time management for moms, from SAHM to CEO: A chat with Leona Carter

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