The power to re-write your story:

A chat with Dr. LaTarsha Holden

In this week’s episode I am chatting with Dr. LaTarsha Holden, and her story is a serious inspiration. Twelve years ago, LaTarsha and her six children found themselves homeless. Fast forward to today and their life couldn’t look any more removed from that place. They are all thriving – not to mention LaTarsha has a Doctorate in Leadership Studies, is the author of thirteen books, and an inspirational speaker.
She shares her story and how she taught her kids the importance of service, and how they have the power to re-write their own story. They had nothing, were living in squatters’ housing, and they found ways to practice acts of service each and every day. These lessons, and how LaTarsha found the strength to move beyond her situation and decide that she wanted more, make for one of the most incredible and admirable stories I have heard. This episode is packed with inspiration and wisdom that will show you that anything is possible.

LaTarsha’s Bio: 

As Founder and CEO of Phoenix Rising , Dr. LaTarsha Holden has written books, created workshops, inspirational speaking and empowerment coaching that has transformed and change the trajectory of countless men and women lives.

Dr. Holden is a 13x published author. Dr. Holden continues her journey by providing a practical blueprint for success drawn directly from her personal life experiences. She ran for City Council in 2017, and went from a GED to receiving her Doctorate in Leadership Studies.

Dr. Holden’s extraordinary story of transforming her own life from being homeless with six children, uneducated and and underemployed to a sought after speaker is her inspiration for reaching back to teach others that they have the Power to Rewrite their Story!

Dr. Holdens story is one of persistence and success. She has received many accolades and featured on Major News network as she was named Ga./ National Mother of the Year for “2020,” by American Mother’s Inc. She is the 85th woman in U.S. history to hold the title as National Mother of the Year.

Among the prestigious awards and honors bestowed upon Dr. Holden she was featured in the Heart of A Champion docu-series by the Women’s Professional Basketball Association. She received a Proclamation as an Emerging Leader in the city of Atlanta. She has received the distinct honor as Ambassador for her humanitarian work. She’s been featured in several magazines, interviewed on countless radio broadcast and she was nominated for National Top Influencer for “2020.”

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The power to rewrite your story: A chat with Dr. LaTarsha Holden

by Mom Camp: Around the Campfire

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