The truth about baggage:

A chat with Jennifer Koster

In this week’s episode, I am chatting with Jennifer Koster, a recovering workaholic, serial entrepreneur, startup investor, owner of several companies, upcoming author, and mom to a 9-year-old son and a 5-year-old daughter. Jennifer shares her story of how she struggled most of her adult life with childhood baggage of wanting acceptance. She has always been in a conflicting dynamic of wanting relationships and career success, and she explains what she has discovered about where that conflict first originated.

Jennifer’s first book, The Truth About Baggage, will be published this year. She wrote it over a span of 9 years since she became a mom, and in it talks about how our childhood experiences impact who we become and our expectations.
We talk about the importance of being honest about the origination of your baggage in order to change your mindset, and how to take care of yourself as a working mom with responsibilities by getting rid of the supermom mentality.
Jenn brings so much wisdom from her experiences and the work she has done. It’s a great conversation and I know you’ll enjoy!

What You Will Learn:

  • [0:51] Get to know Jennifer Koster!
  • [2:53] How Jennifer’s childhood baggage on relationships and success impacted her life.
  • [10:40] She describes how she juggled business success and being a family woman 5 years ago.
  • [14:37] How the slow-paced entrepreneurial scene in Europe inspired her to slow down.
  • [21:48] Why she relocated her family and business to Europe.
  • [23:19] Understanding where your baggage came from and how it leads to expectations.
  • [28:52] Learning how to be honest to change the dynamic of your past mindset.
  • [33:46] How to be gentle with yourself plus nurturing your children with love and kindness.
  • [38:23] The supermom mentality and how it leads to burnout of working moms during Covid.
  • [48:17] The importance of peace and calm to Jennifer, for her to give the same to her family.
  • [49:01] Jennifer’s self-care practices of meditation, journaling, and exercising.
  • [52:00] Why forgiveness is the biggest lesson she’s learned as a mom, wife, and career woman.

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Jennifer’s bio: 

Jennifer Koster is a serial entrepreneur, investor, start-up consultant, conscious leadership consultant, author, wife and mama to a 9-year old boy and a 5-year old girl. Over 20 plus years, she has had demanding work in tech as a management consultant, led a mobile applications company serving some of the biggest media and entertainment companies, run a high-end residential consulting company in Los Angeles that caters to celebrities and high net-worth people and made the decision to shift her career, and her life, to entirely to focus on her passion of writing with the focus around emotional intelligence and raising consciousness in the world. Her first book, The Truth About Baggage, is planned for release later this year. In this book, she guides the reader on combines her own personal journey of unpacking her baggage with stories of well-known figures and complete strangers, and candidly exposes how it our baggage can manifest itself in our lives in career, relationships and family life while offering the tools to build a much deeper self-awareness to be able to shift and manifest your own happiness in every aspect of your life.



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The truth about baggage: A chat with Jennifer Koster

by Mom Camp: Around the Campfire

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