The Other Side of the Door:

A chat with Ashley Adams

Today’s guest is Ashley Adams, a working mom of three who spent her last maternity leave writing a memoir on the down and dirty of life with an alcoholic. Ashley shares her story of her years-long struggle to decide if it was better to stay and support, or to go and love from afar. With two toddlers at home, she began her next chapter of life as a single mom. With no resources to be found, she started journaling to chronicle her process and progress as a way to help other women in similar circumstances.

Ashley’s story is truly incredible, raw, at times painful, and always totally inspiring.

Ashley’s Bio:

After her world collapsed with the unraveling of her husband’s alcoholism, Ashley Adams became a single mom. When she found herself 100% in charge of two toddlers, she quickly realized there weren’t resources to meet her needs. When she could find no books on single parenting with kids that young, she started journaling to help her process all of the changes and struggles in her life. After five long years, Ashley turned those entries into a book, The Other Side of the Door. It is a culmination of her journey so far and everything she learned along the way.

Ashley’s 9-to-5 includes a job in marketing, supporting small businesses for a financial services company. She also wants to reach women in a similar situation so they feel less alone and can find their path forward. Ashley is now remarried with a new baby and learning how to do the whole baby thing again. She lives off almond milk cappuccinos, Cherry Coke Zero and Taylor Swift.



The Other Side of the Door: A chat with Ashley Adams

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