The Benefits of Working Out at Home

At home workouts are an awesome way to establish a workout routine and eliminate your excuses. There are a ton of reasons why this will change your life, but here are nine that top the list:

  1. It’s closer, (duh). No driving, which you can absolutely say you’re doing to save the environment, but really it’s a HUGE time saver.
  2. Fewer excuses. You can literally roll out of bed, throw on your gear and you’re there. You can’t exactly say you don’t have time, the gym was closed for renos, the class was too full, you didn’t have your pass…
  3. No one judging your ability. Well, except for maybe your kids, but you can get over that. Your kids will be inspired seeing you do something for your health.
  4. It’s cheaper. There are a ton of free options and apps, or you can try out the awesome streaming platform Beachbody on Demand that gives you a year’s access to every fitness program Beachbody has ever produced for just $99. Think P90X, 21 Day Fix, TurboFire, Focus T25, Insanity, LIIFT4. You get ALL of them in one platform.
  5. You can do it anywhere, even your backyard. You can workout in your home office, in your bedroom or in the living room. It can be on the TV, a laptop, a smartphone or tablet.
  6. Variety. You can switch it up every day if you want to, picking a different workout each day if you’re not following a specific program at the time.
  7. Your space, your equipment. You never have to break your routine because you’re waiting for a machine, or have someone put their mat down too close to yours. They’re your weights, it’s your mat, it’s your space the way you like it. 
  8. It’s on your schedule. You don’t have to worry about gym hours or class times, or it being to dark to head out for a run. You pick when you work out, for when works best with your life and your schedule.
  9. You can wear what you want. You can wear a sports bra if you feel like it and don’t get self conscious. Heck, you could work out in your pyjamas or buck naked and there’s no one to care. Maybe you wouldn’t do that, but that’s not the point…you could.

Are you ready to give it a try? 

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