Finding your colour in the darkness:

A chat with Gina Bell

In this week’s episode, I am chatting with Gina Bell, empowerment coach, and creator of the Tears and Tulle Movement. Gina shares how a photoshoot moment with a rainbow tulle skirt empowered her in her darkest time, and she wanted to empower others in the same way. She believes that women should allow themselves to express their colour from within, in their dark moments, and not wait for the moment to be perfect.

Gina is driven by her passion for women’s empowerment and has written a book Tears and Tulle, to empower girls and women of all ages to always remember their magic and power.
Gina even treats us to a reading of her book live on the episode! You can watch her reading, see the full show notes including timestamped highlights and Gina’s bio at

What You Will Learn:

  • [3:03] Get to know Gina Bell!
  • [3:49] The women empowerment movement Tears and Tulle and why it was formed.
  • [7:35] How to open your vulnerable heart from within the darkness to allow others to do the same.
  • [8:25] Gina’s passion with women empowerment issues, which she’s been working with for 12 years.
  • [10:38] The different things Gina does in her business and how it’s connected to Tears and Tulle.
  • [11:53] Gina talks about her book Tears and Tulle and reads a part.
  • [17:51] How Gina uses the Ferris wheel metaphor to find balance walking at her speed.
  • [19:52] She talks about her very untraditional self-care habits.
  • [22:13] How motherhood has taught Gina to be gentle with herself.


Watch the episode here:


The story of Tears and Tulle: 

This is the story of a girl and her rainbow tulle skirt. Magical and invisible to all but the girl, the skirt is a source of joy, wonder, and strength. As the girl grows and changes, so does her magical skirt! On her dark days, the girl’s rainbow tulle skirt is a bright reminder to celebrate her inner sparkle.

Tears & Tulle is a book for all ages that was inspired by The Tears & Tulle Movement, a women’s empowerment project started by Gina Bell. Gina’s rainbow tulle skirt is a wonderful reminder of the magic and color that exists in all of us. We can access this inner magic even when life doesn’t go the way we hope!

Gina’s bio:

Gina Bell is an empowerment guide, author, speaker, workshop host, and creator of The Tears & Tulle Movement. She is the author of a women’s empowerment picture book called Tears & Tulle. Gina uses art, metaphors, and rainbow tulle to help people all over the world remember their colour.

She loves eating batter straight from the mixing bowl on an old wooden spoon, playing board games with her family, and stealing her husband’s comfy socks. She is busy these days writing Tears & Taffeta, the story of a boy and his ever-growing, multicoloured cape. Gina lives outside of Chicago with her wonderful husband and is the mother of six amazing kids!



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Finding Your Colour in the Darkness: A Chat with Gina Bell

by Mom Camp: Around the Campfire

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