Taking the stress out of mealtimes with kids:

A chat with Ahuva Magder

How are mealtimes in your house? For so many families mealtime can be a major source of stress, whether it’s the act of cooking (this one’s mine) or the struggle to get kids to eat what’s being served. So many parents feel that this is just a “normal” part of motherhood. In today’s episode I chat with Ahuva Magder, a registered dietitian who works with parents to change their mindset around what’s possible for their mealtime. She works with them to create successful mealtimes, so that they can go back to enjoying their day with their family. The feeling of not being a “good mom” is universal and mealtime is just one place that pressure on mothers plays out. I’m sure this episode will resonate with you, whether you are dealing with cooking anxiety, picky eaters, or other stresses that manifest during mealtime.

Ahuva’s bio:

Ahuva Magder Hershkop is a mother of almost three year old twins, a Registered Dietitian and online course creator. She runs pediatric-based nutrition practice in Toronto focused on working with families to reduce mealtime stress, support positive family mealtimes and support mothers in reducing the mental load of feeding their families. Ahuva believes in the immense power of a successful family meal but that as busy moms giving our family the nourishing meal they deserve can only take so much out of us!

You can find Ahuva in her free Facebook community “The Busy Mom’s Guide to Feeding your Family” or on Instagram @AhuvaRD



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Taking the stress out of mealtimes with kids: A chat with Ahuva Magder

by Mom Camp: Around the Campfire

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