Strong as a mother:

A chat with Tamara Komuniecki

In this week’s episode I am chatting with Tamara Komuniecki, a self-described serial entrepreneur and founder of the “Strong as a mother” movement. She is also the owner of Delish General Store + Jar Bar Refillery, one of my favourite local stop for all kinds of amazing home goodies. 
Tamara shares her story of how she created the SAAM brand and movement. She also shares the difficult things that happened to her in her past that, combined with becoming a mom herself, have led her to become the mother that she truly needed. Learning to be a mom while also learning to be a mother to yourself is a powerful and challenging journey, and this is an incredible conversation full of inspiration and empowering moments. 
Tamara is a total inspiration as an entrepreneur, as a mom, as a human. She shares so much insight as she takes the challenges of her past and transforms them into learning she can share with others. She is absolutely the embodiment of the “strong as a mother” movement. 
Tamara’s bio:

Tamara Komuniecki worked as a broadcast/print/web journalist, magazine editor and producer for outlets like CBC Radio and CBC TV, CKUA Radio, The Globe and Mail, National Post and Discovery Channel for nearly 20 years. She has held more than one job at a time for her entire career, and interesting side ventures have included working as a 911 operator, a communications specialist for the David Suzuki Foundation, and a nude model for sketch artists.

She now owns a brick and mortar and online shop called Delish General Store + Jar Bar Refilery, located in Edgemont Village, North Vancouver, and creates product brands Strong as a Mother, Finn and the Thunderbolts (in partnership with her son Finn), and Sparkplug Creative. In 2022 she and her team will build and open three Jar Bar Refillery locations in Vancouver and the North Shore.

Tamara was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at age six, and has undergone over 15 surgeries related to the disease and its damage, including both hip replacements, shoulder replacement, toe joint replacements, partial ankle fusion and more. She is a tireless advocate for patient and family-centred care, and dedicates her time and efforts to improving care for patients with complex, chronic conditions.

A lively public speaker, Tamara emcees conferences, facilitates panel discussions, and speaks to audiences from C-Suite executives, doctors, nurses, medical students and young children about her experiences as a reporter with a disability, an entrepreneur juggling motherhood and multiple business units and a serious ongoing health condition.

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Strong as a mother: A chat with Tamara Komuniecki

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