Simplifying and decluttering in mind, home and spirit:

A chat with Lisa Zawrotny of Positively Productive Systems

In today’s episode I am chatting with Lisa Zawrotny from Positively Productive Systems. Lisa was a caregiver for a mom with Alzheimer’s, and had her two babies during that time. She shares how sheer overwhelm…chaos and clutter…nearly took her down. But she not only found her way through, she took what she learned and began to help others. Lisa’s family also went through a challenging time financially, where they had to try to sell their home, pick up and leave to live with her in-laws. They moved hours away from what they knew, with no prospects, and basically started life over. She used every skill she had (simplicity, organizing, project management, productivity, gratitude practice, positivity, etc.) to survive this massive life shift and help her children and husband do the same. Lisa shares that they didn’t just survive, but are now thriving.

Lisa now works with moms using her proprietary system, to declutter in whatever way they need – physically, emotionally, mentally, and for their schedule. She has a wonderful perspective on how you can investigate what’s causing you struggles, and how you can make simple changes that work for you and your family. She has a ton of helpful tips for how to establish boundaries, how to gently say no to requests for your time and energy, how to negotiate with your kids…there are so many nuggets, this episode is a goldmine for busy mamas.

She teaches us how to Do Less, Live More and Breathe Easier.

Lisa’s bio:

Lisa Zawrotny founded Positively Productive Systems as a result of a deeply overwhelming time in her life juggling multiple roles as a caregiver for her Mom (who had Alzheimer’s) as well as wife, mother (to kids & cats) and as a business owner. As a Productivity & Organizing coach certified in time & stress management and life coaching, Lisa shares the powerful healing of simplifying, self-care, and structure with her chronically overwhelmed clients. Believing that one size does NOT fit all—especially when it comes to organizing your time and space—Lisa teaches value-based decluttering and customized system design in a way that will honor your personality and purpose.

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Simplifying and decluttering in mind, home and spirit: A chat with Lisa Zawrotny of Positively Productive Systems

by Mom Camp: Around the Campfire

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