Rituals to belong to yourself and feel good in your body again:

A chat with Naty Howard

In today’s episode I am chatting with Naty Howard. We’re talking about rituals, and how they can help you belong to yourself and feel good in your own body again. Naty shares her story of how after a LOT of research and testing, she discovered that she had heavy metal toxicity in her body. She tells how she took control of her own personal healing journey and made important changes in her life to realize wellness. This started with rituals. Rituals can be the support system that lifts you up and gives you a solid foundation of wellness. She shares the key rituals she recommends for her clients as they begin their own healing journeys. They include meditation or breath practice, the healing power of nutrition, and a practice of connecting inward and introspection. 
Naty is passionate about helping people ultimately become their own healers and reconnect with their purpose, and she recently published her book Your Mighty Inner Healer to help people do just that. Her energy is incredibly calming and energizing at the same time – have a listen, you’ll understand what I mean.

Naty’s Bio: 

Naty Howard, is the author of Your Mighty Inner Healer, a wellness coach and founder of Yoga Spirit Medicine. She’ll help you walk your roadmap to wellness, so you can ultimately power up your health, ignite your transformation and become your own healer. Naty guides New & Full Moon Yoga Spirit Medicine Circles (virtual), Mighty Detox online program, and will be launching Awaken Your Mighty Inner Healer online course January 2021.

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Rituals to belong to yourself and feel good in your body again: A chat with Naty Howard

by Mom Camp: Around the Campfire

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