Recognizing postpartum anxiety:

A chat with Allison Lieberman

In this week’s episode I am chatting with therapist Allison Lieberman. Her specialty is postpartum mental health, and the focus of our chat is postpartum anxiety. PPA is seriously under-diagnosed – Allie does an awesome job of explaining why this is, and explaining the symptoms that come along with this condition. She shares her story of what led her to specialize in this area, and her own experience with postpartum anxiety. We also get into the subject of intrusive thoughts, which I feel needs to be spoken about more, as they’re one of those things that can make you feel isolated and like there is something “wrong.”
Allie is an incredible source of knowledge and support, helping to clarify that postpartum anxiety is normal, very common, and what you can do if you recognize some of these symptoms in yourself. This is an important conversation, and the more attention we can bring to this subject, the more support moms will be able to access.
Allie’s bio:

Allie has been a practicing Marriage and Family Therapist for eight years with a specialization in working with pregnant, new, and veteran moms. Allie’s work focuses on the expectations of motherhood that are put on moms by way of themselves, family, or society and how to understand their expectations versus lived realities. Allie encourages moms to challenge their thoughts, love their bodies, and lean into their support system for a more balanced and well-rounded life.

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Recognizing postpartum anxiety: A chat with Allison Lieberman

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