Priority Mom 3-part Video Series

Do you feel like you have a million priorities, but none of them are getting your full attention?

Are you feeling pulled in all different directions and never sure where YOU fit in?

Welcome to the Priority Mom 3-part video series!

Congratulations for being here. The fact that you’re here tells me you want to get clarity on your personal priorities, and to set some boundaries so you can protect them. The very fact that you opened this first lesson is a huge step. Way to go! 

As moms life is always busy, and a lot of times our own goals and desires take a back seat. Often where we are spending the majority of our time is not on what matters most. With busywork, over-scheduling, and over-commitment it is so easy to fill our days with other peoples’ priorities.

This is your chance to take some time for YOU, to visualize what you want, to think about what matters most for you and your family, and how you want to live your life. 

What to expect

This series includes three videos. It is meant to be self-paced – you can watch all the videos in one sitting or spread them out over a few days, whatever works for your schedule. Each lesson will likely give you a lot to think about, so take the time you need with each video.

Each of the lessons will have downloadable worksheets, to 1) to identify your personal priorities, 2) to audit your current schedule to see where you are spending your time and energy, and 3) to establish healthy boundaries to protect your priorities.

The three videos are replays from a live 3-day workshop, so you may hear some references to the live sessions and the comments that came in from the participants. 

Click the modules below to be taken to each lesson.

Lesson 1: Getting clear on your personal priorities

This first video is all about getting clear on your personal priorities. This is the first step, because once you are 100% clear on what matter most to you and your family, it becomes a WHOLE lot easier to make choices to protect your time and energy. 


Lesson 2: Getting clear on your current state

Today we are getting clear on our current state – how we’re spending our time, and how our activities support our personal priorities. Today can be a day for big realizations. Give yourself a boatload of grace through the exercise, this is a process and the best part of figuring this stuff out is getting super clear on where you want to go. 

Lesson 3: Setting your boundaries

Today is all about boundaries, but how you set and implement your boundaries is up to you. Everyone’s circumstances are different and boundaries are very personal. Today’s worksheet has a lot of ways to think about boundaries, and some suggestions for ways you can set them for yourself. 

Gillian Behnke


I’m a married working mama with two kids, living a completely chaotic but (almost always) super fun life. We live on the West Coast of Canada near Vancouver, British Columbia. I’m often asked by other moms how I manage it all – work, family, building a business and staying healthy. There is no easy, magic answer. If there was I would be a bazillionaire. All I can share are the tips, tricks, systems and tools that have worked for me, to help create health, energy and happiness as we navigate the mania. I hope these tools help you to live what I call the “Mom Camp Life.”

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