Designing your life for YOU:

A chat with Lisa Canning, The Possibility Mom

In this week’s episode I am chatting with Lisa Canning. Lisa is a coach and author of The Possibility Mom: How to be a great mom and pursue your dreams at the same time. Lisa shares how a “minivan meltdown” completely changed her life, leading her to personal development, coaching, training, and a ton of personal work. She had long-held “habit of proving,” the habit of seeking affirmation for doing well, which had ultimately led her to continuously taking on more than she could manage. Lisa learned to release these beliefs and she now coaches moms on how to redesign their lives – she shares how you can redesign your thoughts, your perspectives, and ultimately, your life. 

It’s an awesome conversation and there are SO many nuggets that will help you reconsider some of your own long-held beliefs and thought patterns. This episode will help you see possibilities for your own life! 

Lisa’s bio:

Hi! I’m Lisa Canning! I’m an author, speaker, coach and mom to 8, and I believe moms can have it all- they just can’t do it all themselves.. I wrote the book, The Possibility Mom: How to Be a Great Mom and Pursue Your Dreams at the Same Time, after navigating the challenges of building my interior design business and realizing it was coming at a huge cost to my family.

I have a heart for overwhelmed moms with big dreams. I like to get people moving. I especially like getting people moving in a way that it can make money for their families! I have built a six figure business while raising a large brood of kiddos- so if I can do it, I believe anyone can with the right tools.

Connect with Lisa:

Designing your life for YOU: A chat with Lisa Canning, The Possibility Mom

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