Curating a strategy for your life:

A chat with Nicole Seawell

In this week’s episode I am chatting with Nicole Seawell, a life strategist. It was such a fascinating conversation, and she explains how she helps her clients actually develop a strategic plan for their life. She uses the Enneagram and a method called the Science of Timing, which is a very cool concept that identifies your personal timing for when each of your strengths are at their best. She then customizes and curates a plan for each individual, using all the data she gathers using these tools. It’s all about setting yourself on a path towards your own best life. It’s a totally inspiring conversation and I left our chat totally fired up. Enjoy! 

Nicole’s bio: 

Nicole Seawell is an estates attorney and life strategist, mom of boys, wife, crazy golden retriever lady, avid traveler, outdoors enthusiast, entrepreneur and savvy consumer. She is a juggler and a doer, and she does life well. Nicole cares deeply about the future of the planet, raising her three boys with compassion and curiosity, being kind, learning constantly + doing the best she can with the information she has at that time…and then improving when new information comes to light! Nicole has energy for all and the resilience to share. Nicole BS cum laude in Industrial & Labor Relations from Cornell University and J.D from University of Pennsylvania.


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Curating a strategy for your life: A chat with Nicole Seawell

by Mom Camp: Around the Campfire

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