Myth-busting with The Legal Drug Dealer:

A chat with Marilena Grittani

In today’s episode I chat with Marilena Grittani, a clinical pharmacist and host of The Legal Drug Dealer podcast. Her mission is to provide people with excellent information about traditional professional treatments, as well as newer methods to improve their health. We chat about what a pharmacist does, beyond the people we see at the drug store when we pick up our prescriptions. We also chat about the questions she has received about COVID-19, and the biggest myths and misconceptions there are out there about the virus.

Marilena’s Bio:

I have been a clinical pharmacist for over 26+ years and my podcast is about drugs and medications. It is called The Legal Drug Dealer podcast … Get it? I am a drug dealer but LEGAL!! My mission is to provide traditional professional treatments information as well an new ways to deal with health. I talk about kids health, all the way to geriatrics and healthy aging.

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Myth-busting with The Legal Drug Dealer: A chat with Marilena Grittani

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