Mastering your money mindset:

A chat with Kayla Lyon

In this week’s episode I am chatting with money and life coach Kayla Lyon. Kayla works with women and their families to help them set and accomplish their financial goals. We talk about the common limiting beliefs that we can carry, where they come from, and how she helps people overcome them. Money is something that can cause so much stress in a family, but it’s also one of those things that people rarely talk about openly. Kayla firmly believes that we should talk about money as openly as possible, and she is working to remove the taboos and stigmas that typically get attached to the topic.

We chat about the common belief that we need to work hard, and to work long hours to be “successful,” having the length of time we work become a measure of our worth. We chat about the ideas of scarcity and abundance, how we define “rich” versus “poor,” and how those definitions can be shifted. Kayla poses some really great questions about how you feel about regular tasks, like logging into your bank account, paying your bills, etc, and how those gut reactions can give you some great insight into your mindset as a place to start. 

This is an awesome conversation about a topic that can often be difficult to talk about. Kayla makes it simple and accessible, and I definitely came away from our chat inspired to make a few shifts myself. 

Kayla’s bio: 

Kayla Lyon is a Money & Life Coach who helps women eliminate money stress and achieve financial strength and wellness. She is a Navy veteran, Marine wife, and mom to two wonderful toddlers, who believes financial health is a cornerstone to overall mental and emotional health and wellbeing. Her driving purpose is to help as many women as possible achieve financial confidence so they can live the life they want to now. 

Connect with Kayla:

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Mastering your money mindset: A chat with Kayla Lyon

by Mom Camp: Around the Campfire

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