Love like a mama:

A chat with Lila Harrison King

In this week’s episode, I am chatting with Lila Harrison King, the author of the book Love Like A Mama and host of the podcast of the same name.

Lila wanted to be a mom since she was a little girl, but it wasn’t in the cards to happen biologically. She shares the story of her adoption story, an incredible story of perseverance, loss, and love.

Lila also shares how she started on the road to adopting one child, and through a twist of fate she and her husband welcomed three children into their home.

She wrote her book Love Like Mama during the pandemic, to encourage and support mothers that were experiencing overwhelm, and to let them know they are not alone on the motherhood journey.

What You Will Learn:

  • [1:45] Get to know Lila and her story of becoming an adoptive mother.
  • [19:30] She describes the overwhelm she experienced as a new mom of three.
  • [23:22] Why she wrote a book during the pandemic to encourage and support moms.
  • [27:01] How she and her children learn together about their background and heritage.
  • [32:06] Lila’s Love Like A Mama podcast where moms share their wonderful mothering stories.


Lila’s bio:

I am the proud author behind the award-winning book, Love Like A Mama. Okay, not officially award-winning just yet, but definitely headed in that direction so keep your fingers crossed for me. This book is for moms in any stage of motherhood. Its daily dose of encouragement reminds us that being a mom comes in all shapes and stories. There isn’t a right way to mother. Just a loving way. You can get your copy here.

Along with my book, I also host the Love Like A Mama weekly podcast. It’s available wherever you listen to podcasts. I love reminding moms they’re doing a great job even on the days they don’t feel great. 


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Love like a mama: A chat with Lila Harrison King

by Mom Camp: Around the Campfire

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