Dying to be a good mother:

A chat with Heather Chauvin

In this week’s episode, I am chatting with Heather Chauvin. She’s the host of the Mom is in Control podcast, a mom of 3 boys, a parenting and business coach, and the author of Dying to Be a Good Mother. Heather spent her early years in motherhood trying to measure up to expectations of what she thought it meant to be a “good mother.” Complete self-sacrifice, endless hustle, ignoring the warning signs, it was only after being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer that everything shifted. She left behind the numbing behaviours and constant pressure, and truly started to embrace and live her life.
Heather shares why you need to stop striving to be busy and using busy as a measure of your worth and instead focus on what makes you feel good as a woman and a mom. She believes that parenting is a relationship between the parent and the child and that you don’t need to strive to be perfect.
This is an awesome conversation. Heather brings so much insight and wisdom, this episode will definitely inspire and motive you. Enjoy!

What You Will Learn:

  • [2:34] Get to know Heather and her evolution journey to become who she is today.
  • [7:34] Understanding that parenting is a relationship where you have to figure things out together.
  • [14:31] Learning to become who you need to be as a mom and yourself without striving for perfection.
  • [27:19] How to be self-aware and pay attention to what makes you feel good without burnout.
  • [31:45] Understanding what you want and sitting in it without overanalyzing the situation.
  • [33:52] Heather on how she balances her weeks according to how she feels and wants.
  • [36:30] How to stick up for yourself in any relationship to be successful without feeling burnout.
  • [39:50] How Heather defines self-care as setting boundaries and as self-respect.
  • [42:11] How being a mom has taught Heather not to take anything personally.

Heather’s bio

Heather Chauvin is a leadership coach who helps ambitious, overwhelmed women conquer their fears and become leaders at work and home.

Drawing from her professional experience as a social worker and her life experience raising three boys, Heather created a signature approach to help her clients create and enjoy sustainability, profitability and ease in business and life.

She is the host of the Mom Is In Control Podcast where she reveals her most vulnerable truths about womanhood, marriage, parenting, living through stage 4 cancer and running a successful business without burning out. She released her first book, Dying To Be A Good Mother in 2021.

When Heather isn’t busy driving her boys to hockey practice, you can find her curled up on the couch next to her husband, planning their next family adventure.


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Dying to be a good mother: A chat with Heather Chauvin

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