From Burnout Queen to Becoming Boss:

A chat with Kristen Boss

In today’s episode I am chatting with Kristen Boss of Becoming Boss. We chat about how to connect your work to your purpose, and what she did when she realized she was living out of alignment. We talk about how businesses are pivoting in this global pandemic landscape, and how coming from a place of service and abundance will ultimately lead you to more success. As a former “burnout queen,” Kristen shares how she took on the strategy of “doing less, but better,” and protecting the yesses she gave out – no longer agreeing to obligations that didn’t align with her values or purpose. She talks about how this shift now ensures that she is giving the best of her to her loved ones, the loving mom who is no longer impatient, resentful and guilty.

If you’re a working mama, an entrepreneur (or both), this one is packed with wisdom and awesome advice.


Kristen’s story:

Kristen is a mindset and business coach who specializes in helping women build their influence and grow successful businesses that deeply align with their purpose. With nearly 15 years experience working in service and marketing, she is now helping other women tap into their highest self and true potential. She grew two 6-figure businesses but realized that she wasn’t working from her purpose and felt unfulfilled. She eventually followed her intuition and is now serving her clients and putting value into the world before all else. It’s been a game-changer. It’s such a profound shift to build something with the end goal of using your talent to inspire and serve the world in a positive way and something I thought your listeners would value.

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From Burnout Queen to Becoming Boss: A chat with Kristen Boss

by Mom Camp: Around the Campfire

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