Finding purpose and direction:

A chat with Meg Maclure

In this week’s episode, I am chatting with Meg Maclure. She is a business advisor, strategist, author, and mom to 14-year-old Abby. She helps entrepreneurs rediscover who they are in their business by getting clear on their purpose. She believes that a good business process should be about focusing on what you want as an entrepreneur, how you want to feel, and not how or when it’s going to happen.

She explains how you can shape your truth to become successful in whatever you do, without limiting yourself. She also talks about her new program that is designed to help entrepreneurs gain a clear sense of direction for their business.

If you want to get clear in your purpose and find success in your life and work, this is an awesome chat to check out.

What You Will Learn:

  • [0:37] Get to know Meg – the mom and entrepreneur working with entrepreneurs.
  • [2:56] How she helps entrepreneurs rediscover who they are in their business.
  • [6:49] The importance of focusing on your purpose as an entrepreneur.
  • [11:31] How Meg started making vision boards to reflect her dreams and goals at a young age.
  • [15:18] She shares the experience it was writing her chapter in the MomBabes
  • [18:26] She shares her career experience before she started her business.
  • [23:21] Learning how to get clear on what you want and not focus on the how or when.
  • [30:36] Meg’s program, designed to help entrepreneurs feel organized, empowered, and gain a clear sense of direction for their business.
  • [33:32] How she has learned to be organized and to prioritize to find a balance.
  • [36:07] Meg shares some of the activities that form her self-care routine.
  • [37:30] She explains why surrender is the biggest lesson she’s learned in life.


Meg’s bio:

Meg is an award-winning entrepreneur, author and speaker with a passion for helping people.
Meg helps entrepreneurs create an overall vision for their lives and businesses, providing the direction, support and accountability they need to take manageable action steps so that they can connect with their ideal customers, increase their profits and live the life of their dreams.
She has helped countless people transform their lives and businesses via her workshops, articles, books, online programs and private sessions.
Meg is a skilled leader who has overseen the management of people and projects across Canada, often working in First Nation’s Communities developing and facilitating training programs tailored to each Nation’s unique needs. She has a background in Human Resources and Operations Management and is invested in small businesses, employee development, mentorship and coaching.
Meg is a Mentor, Speaker and Community Partner with Futurpreneur Canada, an internationally recognized mentorship program that supports young Canadian Entrepreneurs. She is the recipient of the WNORTH Accelerate Scholarship, Squamish Chief Reader’s Choice Award Winner, Squamish Chamber Business Excellence Award Winner, an Advising Committee Member for the Squamish Constellation Festival, Member at Large for the Cutting Barriers Employment and Training Association and past Board Director of the Squamish Arts Council.
Connect with Meg:

Instagram: @megmaclure @bungalow968

Meg’s website:

Meg’s 3-day program, Purpose, Power, and Planning:

Finding purpose and direction: A chat with Meg Maclure

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