Emotional wellness for moms:

A chat with Dr. Missy Gryder

In this episode I am chatting with Dr. Missy Gryder. We are chatting about burnout and emotional wellness for moms – where burnout comes from, how to recognize it in yourself, the stress response, and how to recover from it. Burnout is hitting moms at a record rate in the last two and a half years, and Missy shares how we can rebuild our resilience and create emotional wellness for ourselves. She shares some practical, doable strategies that can be implemented right away. 
This is a big episode with a ton of great info. It’s one that you will probably want to go back and listen a couple of times to catch all the great tips! 

Dr. Missy Gryder is the Founder of Meeting Kids’ Needs, a groundbreaking online video-based course that gives parents of elementary school-aged children the latest in research-based Social and Emotional Learning. Dr. Gryder brings over 30 years of extensive experience as an educator at both the elementary school and university levels to this important work.

Dr. Gryder is also the developer of The Body Safety Box, an evidence-based child abuse prevention educational kit offering children along with their parents, schools, and community groups a series of active, engaging, and age-appropriate learning opportunities to help prevent abuse and its often lifelong consequences. The Body Safety Box has served children in 31 states, Canada, Africa, India, and Papua New Guinea to date.

Dr. Gryder completed a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, Master of Business Administration, and Doctor of Education in Elementary Education from Arizona State University; and her professional interests include social and emotional learning in schools and in homes, positive classroom and school climates, brain-based best classroom practices, and holistic health and wellness.

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Emotional wellness for moms: A chat with Dr. Missy Gryder

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