Eliminating the Mom Meltdown:

A chat with Natalie Hixson

In today’s episode I chat with Natalie Hixson, and it is an incredibly importance conversation. Natalie experienced an incredible turning point in living an abundant and joyful mom life: it occurred during a therapy session she scheduled for her daughter when she was told that SHE was the one who needed therapy. With therapy, she learned how to process anger in a healthy way and was inspired to then help other moms who may also be struggling.

Mom anger is kind of a ‘taboo’ subject, but an important one to tackle which is why she’s so open to speaking about her journey.

As busy moms, we’ve all been at the end of our rope and have ‘lost it’ or had a meltdown in front of our kids. None of us is immune to these moments along our motherhood journey, and being overwhelmed can often lead to it happening more frequently. Natalie shares her method for recognizing patterns of overwhelm and how to respond to and process negative emotions. She truly believes that moms can find abundance and joy in motherhood without inviting overwhelm.

Natalie’s bio:

Natalie Hixson is a wife, mother, auntie and Certified Professional Life Coach who helps discouraged Christian moms overcome destructive anger and burnout. After learning to thrive in motherhood and process anger in a healthy way, Natalie became convicted to help other moms avoid those dark years of motherhood by helping them to appreciate and process their anger, learn to identify their triggers, and ultimately control their reaction to those triggering situations. She enjoys her own motherhood journey by hanging with her husband Mike and their three daughters in beautiful Bozeman, Montana. She recharges with Jesus, coffee and adventures with her family like skiing in the winter, hiking and swimming in the summer and traveling year-round!






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Eliminating the Mom Meltdown: A chat with Natalie Hixson

by Mom Camp: Around the Campfire

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