The benefits of adding a coach to your Mom tool kit:

A chat with Sphere’s Devon Brooks

Devon Brooks in a incredible entrepreneur, a serious powerhouse, and an awesome mom of two. Not only was she the founder of Blo, the first and largest franchise chain of blow dry bars, but she has now created an entirely new venture in Sphere. We talk a lot in the interview about this new app, which is kind of like the Class Pass of personal and business coaching. In our chat we talk about how coaching can help moms in both career and life, and how connecting with different “guides,” as they’re called at Sphere, can be like different tools in your personal tool box. So many people enter the coaching experience for business reasons, and it becomes a journey of self development as well.

Devon and I chat about all things mom life, how we can often lose our sense of self when we become a mom, and how it’s possible to change perspective on mom guilt and mom doubt. We go pretty deep and it was an open, awesome conversation.

Devon’s bio:

Devon defined a new market category, co-founding Blo, the world’s first and largest franchise chain of Blow Dry Bars. The company now spans four countries with 130+ locations, and has collaborated with international mega-brands like Mattel, Guess, Topshop, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

True to her knack for shaking-up industries, Devon is growing her second venture: Sphere. A full-service marketplace platform designed to make personal and professional coaching more accessible with a gym-like membership experience for individuals and teams. Sphere’s mission to support consciousness in the world by democratizing coaching has attracted backing from leaders at Lululemon, Thinx, Headspace, and Viacom.

Devon was named 1 of the 30 most fabulous entrepreneurs by PROFIT Magazine, has been dubbed an ‘elderstateswoman’ by The New York Times, is one of the 2018 ’InspiringFifty’ women in STEM in Canada, and was awarded Business in Vancouver’s’Top Forty Under 40.’  As Sphere nurtures its passionate remote-first team, Devon and her two young kids live in Whistler BC, where they do lots of mountain fun stuff.


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The benefits of adding a coach to your Mom tool kit: A chat with Sphere's Devon Brooks

by Mom Camp: Around the Campfire

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