Charting a course for success and happiness in life:

A chat with author Jess Carey

How do you chart a course for your own life? Today we have turn by turn directions in the palm of our hands, helping us navigate to a destination. What happens when we begin to travel over the sea? The sea presents a constantly shifting, changing, and unpredictable environment. This is like life. It doesn’t stagnate. In order to arrive safely, successfully, and swiftly we need to chart a course. We need to create an intentional plan to arrive. In today’s episode, author Jess Carey shares pragmatic ideas about how we can approach the journey of life and chart a course to success and happiness.
Jess’s bio:
Jessica Carey is the author of Chart a Course – Taking a Journey With God at the Helm, which reached #1 in New Releases for Religious Studies in the first week on Amazon. She and her husband Alex have moved more than eight times across over 11,000 miles in the past decade, including a stint internationally. From acting in New York to running a business overseas, she has consistently stepped into the unknown. Navigating the transitions life presented developed into some practical tactics to continually seek God’s direction.  Jessica is currently a student at Hillsong Leadership College, pursuing a certificate of pastoral ministry. Her life is marked by building family, faith, church, and community. She lives in Phoenix with her two beautiful kids, husband Alex, Goldendoodle Pearl, and bearded dragon Percy. Her food weakness is chips and salsa.

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Charting a course for success and happiness in life: A chat with author Jess Carey

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