Body positive parenting:

A chat with Registered Dietitian Jenn Messina

In today’s episode I am chatting with Registered Dietitian Jenn Messina about body positive parenting. We chat about what the term “body positive parenting” actually means, and how you can bring it into your home even if you’re still working on your own body positivity. Jenn shares that it starts with how we speak to ourselves and the type of language we use. We also talk about intuitive eating actually means and how to support a diet-free home. 

There have been a lots of great moves toward body positivity in the media and especially on social media, but still, the media is full of messages and images of a body image that is not necessarily attainable or even reasonable…Jenn shares how we can help our kids build resilience against these messages, and to create their own filters when they see them. 

Jenn is awesome and really highlights the importance of body positive parenting and a diet-free home. It was a fascinating chat, and it definitely made me even more conscious of the words we use at home!

Jenn’s bio:

Jenn is an experienced Registered Dietitian with a HAES® informed approach. Her flexible and non-judgmental counselling approach empowers her clients to ditch dieting, bring the joy back into eating and feel their best. She is also a momma of 2 young kiddos and also “gets it!” When it comes to feeding kids, Jenn understands the challenges and has strategies, ideas and tips to help you navigate mealtimes like a boss and help you bring peace back to the table and encourage healthy, happy kids.

Connect with Jenn:

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Body positive parenting: A chat with Registered Dietitian Jenn Messina

by Mom Camp: Around the Campfire

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