Beyond The Sandwich – Different School Lunch Ideas

When you think about packed school lunches, PB&J or ham and cheese sandwiches come to mind. In our school we can’t even have peanut butter, so our choices get fewer and fewer. While sandwiches certainly make for a nice school lunch, they are not your only option. Mix it up by fixing something different for your kids this year.

Make It A Wrap

A quick and easy alternative to a sandwich is a wrap. Grab some tortillas and fix your child’s favourite sandwich as a wrap. Wraps are also great for adding lots of lettuce and extra veggies. Hummus and cucumbers make a delicious vegetarian lunch option.

When you’re done adding your toppings, roll it up like a burrito and if desired, cut it in half. The wrap is good as is, or you can pack a small serving of salad dressing to dip. Just make sure you pack it in a small, airtight container so your child doesn’t end up with dressing all over her lunch box (trust me).

Who Doesn’t Love Snack Food And Lunchables?

I have yet to meet a child that doesn’t love lunchables. But have you looked at the price of those found at the grocery store lately? Plus I’m not the biggest fan of the processed food options. Why not make your own version instead with fresh ingredients and food you know your child will eat. Start with some sandwich meat and cheese cut into bite-sized pieces. Add some fresh raw veggies like sliced cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and baby carrots. Throw in some fresh or dried fruit and you have a delicious, healthy, homemade version.

Another great option is to turn any of your child’s favourite snack foods into lunch. Foods like popcorn, trail mix, crackers, cheese, fruits and veggies make a perfect bite-sized lunch that they can munch on when they’re short on time. Grab a container with lots of little dividers (bento boxes are perfect) and fill them up with kid-friendly favourites.

Healthy Salads For Lunch

Salads are another great lunch option, especially for older children. Get a container with a tight fitting lid and add all your child’s favourite salad ingredients minus the dressing in there.

Start with a bed of lettuce greens, add raw veggies, croutons, crumbled bacon, nuts, dried cranberries or seeds. Top it with a source of protein like cheese, hard-boiled egg, ham or turkey, or even some grilled chicken.

Pack dressing in a separate container along with a fork and napkin and lunch is done. You can assemble the salad the night before and store it in the fridge. The key is to make sure all your ingredients are very dry. If you’re washing your lettuce, use a salad spinner, or dry it on some paper towels before packing. Cutting everything into small bite-sized pieces will ensure that the lunch time salad is easy to eat.

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