3 Easy Ways To Cut Back On Sugar

Not ready to go for a full blown sugar detox? Start with cutting back on the amount of sugar we consume on a daily basis. Just baby steps.

Cut the soda and other sugary drinks.

Let’s start with something easy that will also have a huge impact. Stop drinking soda and other sugary drinks. That includes seemingly innocent things like the sweet tea you’re enjoying or the fancy coffee drink but, it could also be your favourite juice beverage. Look at the labels and figure out how many teaspoons of sugar you’re drinking each day. Then cut them out. Stick to water, black coffee and herbal tea for a few days. It’s not an easy transition, but it will be well worth it in the end.

Stop indulging in sugar-filled treats.

Next it’s time to give up your favourite sugary treats. Enjoy a bowl of oatmeal or scramble up some eggs instead of pouring a bowl of sweet cereal. Obviously skip the cake, cookies and candy, but also skip the muffins. They can seem like a healthy option, but even a medium raisin bran muffin or whole wheat scone can contain over 35g of sugar. Reach for a piece of fruit or cut up some fresh veggies instead. Try some plain yogurt with some herbs mixed in for a veggie dip. Hummus or guacamole are also tasty options to replace sugary dips and dressings.

Find other sugar free or low-sugar replacements for your favourite treats. Fix a sandwich if you’re hungry in the afternoon instead of raiding the cookie jar. Or grab some cheese and crackers. Eating something with protein or healthy fats will keep you fuller longer and not spike your insulin like a sugar heavy carb treat will. Do your best to train your brain and taste buds to not crave sweet treats all day long. The best tip is OOSOOM: Out of sight, out of mind. If they’re not an option, they’re not an option. Keep those treats out of your house and you won’t be as tempted because they’re simply not there.

Tough it out: The side effects will be temporary and you’ll end up feeling so much better.

Keep reminding yourself that this is only temporary. Make yourself tough it out one more hour. Go watch a movie, call a friend or go for a walk. Distract yourself and before you know it the hour will be over. Keep it up hour after hour and you’ll get through your sugar detox before you know it. Remember that this is only a temporary feeling.  I promise that you’ll feel much better after a few hours. The health benefits of freeing yourself from your sugar addiction are well worth the making it through the unpleasant side effects of a sugar detox.

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